How HTC are changing the way we think of phone manufacturers

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When you think about how Apple’s revolution of the phone industry has gone then it makes the rise of HTC even more impressive.

Take just one look at the news page here on and you can see several new HTC phones on schedule to be released before the end of the year, if not sooner.

And you can be sure that those leaks aren’t all the phones and tablets that HTC have lined up for this year, be it Android or Windows Phone it is astounding how high HTC has set the quality of devices for every network in every country.

It is a huge sign of ambition and shows a will to succeed that only Apple seems to have shown recently (although Samsung is due credit for their redesign of the Galaxy tab).

How does a company make so many high quality handsets without that quality dropping? HTCs supply chain and quality assurance must be top notch and well managed and may well surpass that of Apple who have had a recent history of bad quality screens and technical problems on their new products.

As a brand HTC are expanding and becoming more and more respected. From a company that started as an OEM making handsets that were marketed towards the business market to having the largest market share in the Android is a huge coup as recent yearly results have shown.

HTC have also shown they are willing to listen to customers by unlocking locked bootloaders and providing updates for phones like the Desire that are almost 2 years old. That kind of customer loyalty even outdoes Apple.

So what is the next step for HTC? There is no doubt that if HTC had stores like Apple then they would have an awesome showcase for their products and give customers the opportunity to have troubled phones replaced on the spot.

HTC have decided to take the next step in diversification by takiing on the audio lover out there which is an area Apple are seemingly neglecting. The $300m partnership with Beats Audio adds impressive value to new HTC phones and helps differentiate in the ultra competitive marketplace.

Beats also brings with it a brand value that is hip and exclusive that draws in an even larger audience to HTC and soon enough HTC users will be instantly noticeable by those red earbuds thus replicating the way Apple headphones have dominated the market. HTC’s diversification is a sure sign that they won’t rest on past success and will continue to grow.

So what is the next move HTC will make? They could dive into the Windows 8 market and offer full blown Windows tablet PCs and then just like Apple they would have a triumvirate of phones, tablets and full blown PCs.

This could all just be a piece of history repeating.

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