HTC Sensation XE With iBeats Review

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Straight of the heels of the very popular Android powerhouse, the HTC Sensation XE is all that you would expect it to be when posed with the question of ‘How do you improve on what could easily be considered as perfection?’ Well that answer is here and equipped with the latest in audio technology to go with it.


To start out I will not doing a full review of the handset itself as I am sure you all have read about the original Sensation and to tell the truth not a lot has changed. Sure the battery has been improved as has the processor (even if it is the same just clocked higher) but you could have had those things through a bit of cleaver rooting right? The stand out thing here is the huge shift in audio and the difference (or lack of) that it makes.


Not a great deal to report here just that the phone has had a slight red color ware, the earpiece (above) is the same grille that we had before and if it was hard before to see your notification light it is now harder as the battery warning light is a dark(ish) orange against the dark red. Other places that you can see differences are on the touch controls along the bottom of the phone and the camera on the rear.

Another cosmetic change is the darker back casing in the middle of the strange yet appealing pattern forged on the shell.

IBeats by Dre:

This is where the handset really comes into its own. My first impressions when i took them out of the box was just how good they feel, they feel as well built as the handset that they come with. One thing that I felt a little let down by was the lack of anti-tangle wires that I came so accustomed to when trialing the Monster Beats Tour, after all they are made by the same company for around the same price point (Tour=£100 IBeats=£93). Pushing that aside I was greeted with the lovely notification telling me that Beats profile was activated which gave me the same feeling I felt when I first learned that my CD player I got for Xmas wouldn’t skip if i moved (How the hell????).

Continuing on I decided the best way to test the headphones would be to play a selection of music from all eras and genres, I came away from the experience pretty amazed! they sounded very bassy and I found myself hearing things in the song that I had previously missed while using my Sennheiser cx 980’s.

I understand that those audiophiles out there will be sniggering to their self about how it is purely a new equalizer setting and that much is true, but I cannot remember the last time I had headphones specifically designed to work with an equalizer setting in a phone and not created by myself but by someone with many years of experience.

Another trick up the IBeats sleeve is the in-line controls, they feel very sturdy and have a strong resistance so you do not find yourself clicking the forward or pause button while they are under your jacket. The voice quality was good as expected but they do have a slight bit more static over the ordinary mic.


The Sensation was a superb Android handset and the XE is a very small update but one that is very well done, would I purchase this if I already had a Sensation? Possibly not but it is a perfect handset for those of you just coming from a 24month contract.

For: Superb build quality, nice design, pre-packaged with better Audio then any other handset on the market.

Against: Not a large enough of an update to be a follow on for those with the original Sensation, apart from the headset all the other upgrades can be done on the original by rooting handset.

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