New Google Algorithm, Should We Care?

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Now we have had time to digest the changes that Google has made to its Algorithm what does it all mean to us and will we even notice the difference?

Today the big Goog announced that its new algorithm will bring ‘freshness’ to our searches and help and a wopping 35% of searches will be affected (that comes out to around 700 000 000 searches per day). But what has actually changed?

Well the new system is very simple to understand it means if you search for something that is trending around the web then you will get more current affairs and news websites meaning you get the latest news and information you need not what happened 10 years ago. The new algorithm is also going to understand what you want better so if you search the term ‘Sony’ you can expect to know more about the company and about who they are from trusted sources rather then news and rumors about what is happening, where as if you search ‘Sony News’ you will get all the latest from tech sites around the world.

But the question still remains: Since Google changes their algorithm around 500 times a year, will we really notice?

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