iPhone 5 with LTE leak confirmed by leaked LTE chipset and Apple search

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With less than two hours left before the big iPhone 5 Apple event [tune in to our liveblog], several bits and pieces have leaked including what very much appears to be the logic board from the device, complete with components. This piece of hardware is set to include the motor and the radio, both a brand new A6 chip and a bit of Qualcomm hardware to back up 4G LTE connectivity. This will trump the previous devices on the market including the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3rd generation devices, both of which use an A5X chip.

This device’s collection of architecture straight from AppleHD blog includes a MDM9615M modem from Qualcomm, this ready for 4G LTE. There’s a nano-SIM tray here as expected, this connecting well with the collection of tips and notes over the past few weeks from component creators – and from supposed “accidental” leaks from mobile carriers as well. This device will almost certainly be working with power well beyond what the previous iPhone model offered up and will definitely have the graphics power of at least the current-generation iPad.


Of course this fits nicely with the resourceful people at 9to5mac who found the below images when searching Apple.com for “iPhone-5” which confirm that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 5 and will include LTE and that Apple will also unveil new IPod Touch and iPod Nano models.

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