Google announce major press event for October 29th

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What does Google have up its sleeve? The tech behemoth quietly sent out invitations on Wednesday night to an event scheduled for 10am EST in New York on October 29.

The only clue as to what the company intends to announce is a single line that reads: “The playground is open.”

With all the attention on upcoming Apple and Microsoft events, much of the media’s focus on Google of late has moved from speculation about upcoming products to its privacy policies and whether or not they breach EU or US federal law.

It seems most likely however that Google will launch a new Nexus smartphone with the latest version of Android. Earlier this month multiple sources managed to get hold of a LG device that looked an awful lot like the last Nexus model, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the smart money is on that device being a large part of the press event.

But could there be even more? The last time Google outed new devices they gave us the Nexus 7, Nexus Q and Google Glass at their annual developers conference; with further rumours of a Samsung manufactured Retina display beating 10 inch tablet as well as an update to the Nexus 7 we are bound to be surprised come the 29th.

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