Apple reveal iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad

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Apple have just taken the wraps off one of the worst kept secrets since the iPhone 5 by unveiling the iPad Mini.

The third-generation iPad has also been replaced by the updated fourth-generation iPad with a faster A6X processor and more LTE bands for the UK and the rest of the world.

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini has 7.9-inch display at the same resolution as the iPad 2 of 1024-by-768 pixels which is actually lower resolution than its competitors. The screen is actually significantly bigger than the Nexus 7 with more physical real estate – in fact Apple showed that the iPad Mini has 67% more space when browsing a website in landscape mode than the Nexus 7.

Inside the aluminium unibody chassis (available in white or black with chamfered corners like the iPhone 5) is an A5 processor identical to the iPad 2. The iPad mini improves on its parent model by packing a 5-Megapixel iSight camera just like the new fourth-generation iPad with Siri built in and WiFi and LTE models available.

It comes in at a very reasonable £269 for the 16GB WiFi model and £369 for the LTE capable version.

Fourth-Generation iPad with Retina display

Apple pulled a surprise move by updating the third-generation iPad and calling it the fourth-generation iPad. The move wasn’t unexpected as rumours had circulated about the change but the naming convention to fourth-generation iPad is sure to upset consumers who recently bought a third-generation iPad.

The iPad gets a new A6X processor which gives it the same super-fast chip as the iPhone 5 which destroyed every benchmark that was thrown at it, so there is no doubt that the new iPad will be lightning fast. Apple have also included the new lightning connector and more LTE bands so it will work in the UK.

iPad Mini (Apple)

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