Samsung UE55ES8000 55 inch LED 3D television review

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Samsung make some of the most striking televisions available, with a stark combination of style, performance and features that is unrivalled. There is no TV more desirable than the 55-inch 3D UE55ES8000 and no price tag more dear but lets find out if this year’s model lives up to its promise.

Samsung always make a statement in the design of their TVs and this model is no exception with an incredibly thin bezel that surrounds the massive screen and seems to vanish when absorbed by the beautiful images on display.

The striking silver stand has changed to an arch design that is stunning but lacks the swivel functionality of the previous model. Samsung have now added Xbox Kinect style gesture and voice controls and a webcam for added functionality including Skype amongst its smart hub features.

Image quality with deep blacks and good contrast is fantastic which made watching James Bond in Casino Royale look crisp and the set handles motion very well with little to no blurring in fast sequences.

The 3D image is equally sharp with no crosstalk visible when watching the Golden Gate scene in Monsters vs Aliens and the extra brightness that Samsung have managed to squeeze out of the display really helps improve the enjoyment of active 3D viewing which would otherwise look much darker than is ideal.

When you take the fantastic design of this set and mix it with best-in-class performance and exciting new gesture and voice controls along with smart hub functionality we have to recommend this model as the best yet from Samsung.

Samsung UE55ES8000 Lightening Review Verdict: Outstanding image quality with specs to match on this fully loaded television


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