S View cover review for Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung have created something truely innovative with the S View flip cover for the Galaxy S4 bringing together design and function in an amazing package.

Samsung released a great product in the the original flip cover for the Galaxy S III which provided protection from drops and scratches but created an opportunity to customise the phone and make it stand out. A whole range of different colour flip cases were released by Samsung and the success led to the Galaxy Note II also getting its own range of covers.

But what if the flip cover could do more? what if it could display the time and notifications without having to open the cover? and what if the display would turn on and off when it was closed? Samsung didn’t miss a step and has brought those exact features to the flip cover with the S View cover.

The S View cover is available in black and white with many more vibrant and exciting colours to come soon and its design takes everything learnt from the flip cover and improves if for those that want a smart case.

A small window has appeared on the front of the cover made from see through plastic to show notifications and the date and time, but even smarter is the ability to answer calls through the window without opening the S View cover. When a phone call comes through simply swipe the answer or decline icon and you can respond to the call. There is no need to worry about the screen staying on or unlocking the phone manually as magnets in the cover will take care of it for you.

The S View cover is an unrivaled enhancement to the original flip cover and is a must buy in our eyes but don’t worry if you don’t want all those features you can still get the standard flip cover for your new Galaxy S4.

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