HTC One Flip Case review

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The HTC One is without doubt one of the finest smartphone designs there is with its high grade aluminium body wrapping around a gorgeous 4.7-inch full HD display but with such fantastic quality comes concerns over damage from drops or simply from your pocket. Mobile Fun has provided us with their stylish Flip case in black that fits like a glove around the HTC One.

This flip case is designed to protect your phone from bumps and scratches with features that accentuate that purpose. There are magnets in the top of the case that secure the case tightly when closed protecting the display and securing the phone against damage caused by a non-magnetic flip cover coming open whilst in transit leaving the screen exposed. The sides of the phone are protected against damage all the way and the inner material is a soft touch micro-suede lining that protects and removes dust from the glass display.

This flip cover is sturdy and feels great with its leather feel exterior and full access to all ports on the phone so even whilst fully protected the HTC One is fully usable, there is of course a cut out for the ultra pixel camera and LED flash that will let you take great photos whilst staying protected.

We really liked this flip case and think it is a great combination of style, convenience and protection and recommend it for anyone who wants a flip cover. Be sure to order yours from Mobile Fun.


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