Nokia Lumia 2520 review

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Nokia surprised lots of people with the launch of the Lumia 2520 tablet in Abu Dhabi after all why launch a tablet when you’re about to be purchased by Microsoft who have the competing Surface 2 tablet? But Nokia isn’t part of Microsoft yet and they developed a Windows 8.1 RT tablet that is significantly different from the Surface 2. Lets look at what makes the Lumia 2520 different.


The Lumia 2520 continues the Nokia trend of a unibody polycarbonate body that feels strong and substantial. It isn’t heavy but it doesn’t feel cheap which is a huge advantage that Nokia has become experienced at achieving across the range. The 2520 is available in matte black or glossy red and comes with a 10.1-inch 1920-by-1080 full HD display. Inside the 2520 lies a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor backed up by 2GB RAM and most significantly a built-in LTE 4G modem. The built-in 4G means that anywhere in the world the 2520 can connect to mobile networks on the go providing it has a local SIM card installed.



The 2520 has Windows 8.1 RT, which means than stock Windows applications can’t be installed from your PC as the only applications that will work are available from the Windows App Store.

The tablet is installed with a full version of Microsoft Office 2013 and Outlook which allows work to be done on the go as well as a fully featured version of Internet Explorer for all your browsing needs.

Windows 8.1 RT also is unique in allowing true multitasking, simply open two windows and pin them in the modern UI environment or open multiple windows in the desktop. There is nothing on Android or iOS that can come close to the multitasking performance of the 2520.


Performance is by far the best of any RT tablet – even the Surface 2 and applications fly on the 2520 but where it really stands out is the built in modem. As the first Windows RT tablet (and one of a very small number of full Windows 8 tablets) with LTE built-in the 2520 is always connected and it really is a delight being able to browse anywhere and not have to suffer from the infuriatingly slow public hotspots.

Final Verdict

The Lumia 2520 is a fine tablet with great battery life and performance. It does almost everything you can throw at it and only a lack of apps compared to the competition lets it down but with a full browser and office the internet provides everything you can need so it isn’t an issue that was a deal breaker to me.

Once the keyboard case comes out then the 2520 will allow work on the go more conveniently than now and for anyone who wants versatility we would recommend the Lumia 2520.


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