LG G4 Review: Best of 2015

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The LG G4 is the perfect combination of power and versatility. Unlike its competitors LG has stayed true to letting its customers chose how they want to use their phone. The G4 is the only high end phone that still has a removable battery and SD card space.

But where the G4 excels is in its swiftness and ease of use and fantastic camera. The G4 is smooth and powerful allowing me to enjoy it without slow downs or crashes. The Quantum IPS display is bright and rich and really stands out and make looking at photos and browsing the web very enjoyable.

The camera is mind-blowing, it has a massive aperture of f1.8 – what that means is that the camera on the G4 can grab light like a dog grabs a bone – in low light the night looks like day; the colours and richness are not lost in the dark but bounce out so you can remember those moments. If you love to be in control of your photos there is an expert mode where you can control the shutter speed, ISO, focus and white balance. You can perfectly manually compose a photograph that belongs in a gallery.

Or you can take amazing photos in the auto mode like I have been doing.

Battery life that last two days plus a large screen that feels small in the incredible package LG have made makes the G4 a winner.  In my opinion the best of the 2015 flagship phones with a camera to amaze.

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