Samsung is forgetting customers with the Galaxy Note 5 not in Europe

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There is something to be said for South Korea. It is a country of deep and proud traditions, fantastic culture and amazing innovation; after all it is the birthplace of Samsung and LG.

But sometimes tradition can hinder and respect can miss the point. I remember being told by a friend who worked for Samsung how during the launch of the Galaxy S4 (in mid-summer and a full three months before Apple released the new iPhone) the pressure he was under to create sales that increased week after week. This wasn’t a new product after all as at the time the S4 had been out for 2 months but somehow Samsung expected sales that would increase every week.

That simply wasn’t realistic.  And it didn’t happen. Since that time Samsung have seen massive launches and large sales but their mobile division has failed to meet any of its targets while Apple and Chinese companies like Xiaomi and Huawei have overtaken Samsung in one of its largest markets in China.

Samsung haven’t failed to reach those targets because they haven’t made good products. The Galaxy S6 is considered by many to be the best Android phone there is.

They have failed because they don’t understand their customers. They have failed because they have tried to push the Korean culture onto their sales inside countries that don’t understand it. They have failed because they have built a pressure culture internally. Samsung have become the Comcast of consumer technology companies. They are massive but poorly run and no one recognises the problems.

The Note 5 is exactly to that point; In the UK it will not be released this year officially. The reason for this is because focus groups let Samsung believe that no one used the S-Pen and so Samsung decided to only launch the larger than life Galaxy S6 Edge Plus into the EU market.

Samsung should have though about how they will look come the iPhone 6S Plus (or whatever it will be called launch). Imagine a consumer on the ropes between Android and iPhone. Store staff are sure to push the larger Edge against the new iPhone. Except the Edge will be priced higher than the iPhone and has no good reason for existing. Try and explain to a customer what the benefits of a more expensive Android phone with dual-curves has over the new iPhone.

It isn’t probable. If anything those customers will look for a normal shaped larger phone and that is where the Note 5 would fit in if it was available.

It is such a shame that a company that has figured out how to create such fantastic mobile devices still doesn’t understand the consumer.

So good luck to Samsung. They are going to need it.


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